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There’s no doubt that life and work have been extremely challenging lately and there’s still a long way to go, but innovation and collaboration are surefire ways to drive us forward. Plus, in times like these – and especially in the aftermath – likeminded people and communities come together to speed up the recovery process and get businesses running again. This time is no different.

As the automotive industry looks to recover, OEC wants to help facilitate the recovery process. So, our team looked at what we do best. The answer? Provide innovative services to connect repair facilities with OEM dealerships. Our goal has always been to help dealerships sell parts by making it easy, and cost-effective, for shops to find and purchase OEM parts.

Now, OEC is leveraging our relationships with the automakers to offer an online, industry-wide resource that features manufacturer promotions. The result of this collaborative effort is FindOEMParts.com.

The purpose of FindOEMParts.com is to help repair and collision facilities access the latest promotions to ensure they can find and order the OEM parts they need at the best possible price. Parts are the backbone of the industry and part sales are a significant way to get automotive businesses up and running again – and as quickly as possible.

If you’re a manufacturer looking to participate in this resource, please contact us.

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